Working from Home (WFH)

I think companies should start looking providing this option to employees for a number of reasons.  While many employers fear the loss of control they have over their WFH employees, it’s quite the opposite.  Let me explain.  As an employer, you have full trust and confidence in your employee and allow them to work from home when needed — or all the time.  In turn, your employee feels like a trusted member of the team and ends up producing at levels beyond your expectations.  It is a win-win situation.  

Obviously, there are some drawbacks like maintaining culture or camaraderie.  But, from experience, that’s nothing a weekly video conference call can’t help.  A majority of my teammates are remote, but they are some of the best colleagues I have ever worked with in my professional career.

How many of you are more efficient working from home (WFH)?  I most certainly am.  I get more quality work done, am more focused, and have far less distractions.  

A huge plus: I can load the dishwasher in the 5 minutes of downtime I have.  


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