What Every College Student Should Post on LinkedIn

Click here for article – What Every College Student Should Post on LinkedIn

As I source through LinkedIn profiles every day, I come across recent college grad profiles that are blank.  Absolutely BLANK.  Their profile has nothing more than their name.  And so many recent grads come to me and ask, “Why can’t I get a job?”.  

What gives?

I’ll tell you.  LinkedIn is vital to your job search these days.  Recruiters use LinkedIn to find you through searching for keywords, location, job titles.  If you don’t have words on your profile, you are being overlooked.  So, yes… you have to have pertinent information in your profile to get found. 

While we are on the topic of Social Media…. 

These days, it’s so much more than a resume and/or a cover letter.  It’s about your social media presence.  What are you posting on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Google +, LinkedIn?  Are you posting anything at all?  Recruiters and your future employers are watching (not to sound creepy…).  You are who your social-media portrays.  Take down (or make private) your college photos, clean up your Twitter language, put up a LinkedIn profile that represents who you want to be seen as.  

 This doesn’t just target the “recent graduate” audience, but, rather, everyone.


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