We Are Always Watching…

Social media outlets provide great insights to a potential candidate.  Let’s say I find someone on LinkedIn Recruiter that I think looks great for the position I am looking for.  I will be the first to admit (and many recruiters will) that I am not only looking at your professional profiles, but I am going to look at your Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Yelp, and/or any blogs you write for or own.  I not only want to get a sense for who you are as a professional, but I want to see how you will be as an employee.

People make assumptions.  Lots of them.  How many times have you looked at someone’s Facebook profile and said to yourself, “Joe Shmo is always partying” or “Mary Jane’s updates are always her complaining about something”.  I’m sorry to break it to you, but recruiters are doing the exact same thing.  We are people, after all.  If we see something we don’t like, it may cost you an interview – or worse, a job offer.

So, what’s killing your social networking profile, you ask?

Inappropriate pictures.  Mentions of excessive use of drugs and/or alcohol.  Complaints about work, or your boss.  Bad grammar.  

Employers are trying to get a picture of who you are as a professional, who you are at work and outside of work, how you interact with your colleagues.  Ultimately, they are trying to figure out whether you will be good for the culture, or whether you will be a parasite for it.

My suggestion:  Google yourself.  See what pops up.  Would a future employer be pleased with what they see?  Would you offer yourself a job?


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