Generation: Technology

When I started recruiting, LinkedIn had just started “taking off”, LinkedIn Recruiter had not yet gained its momentum, Facebook Pages didn’t exist, and neither did #hashtags.  Over the course of my career, I’ve had to adapt to new technology, new applications, new ways of thinking.  What would happen if I didn’t?  I’d fall behind and become irrelevant to my career.
I oftentimes get questions about why people are getting overlooked.  One quick glance at their resume usually provides me with the answer: they haven’t kept up with technology.  By example, if you’re in accounting and still keep the books by pencil and graph paper, your “kind” is becoming extinct. 
Companies want to hire the candidates who are up-to-date on systems and technologies they are currently using. In this day in age, it is an expectation (not a qualification) to: operate a Windows operating system with ease, know how to use MS Office (at very minimum Word and Outlook), know how to operate an office phone system, know how to use a smartphone.  
Technology is always changing.  Industries are ever evolving.  If you don’t keep up, you will be left behind.

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