Sample Resume Format

After looking at so many hard-to-read resumes, I have a “tried and true” resume template for you to follow.

As you can see below, all dates line up on the far left which makes it easy for me (the recruiter and/or the hiring manager) to know your chronological work history, when you worked at XYZ-Company, how long you were there, what types of positions you held, and where any possible gaps in your resume may be (don’t try to hide these gaps, we will find them).

And, as always… I’m all ears for questions and/or comments!  Let me hear ya!

First Name Last Name
Street Address |  Email address |  Best phone #

2010 – Present            Company Name                         Company City, State
  • Responsibilities (quantify quantify quantify!)
  • Responsibilities
  • Responsibilities 
2009 – 2010                Company Name                          Company City, State
  • Responsibilities
  • Responsibilities
  • Reponsibilities
2000                            School Name                               School City, State
Name of major, certification, or degree completed
  • Skill
  • Skill 
  • Skill 

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