Social Recruiting

What is this new term, “social recruiting”, anyway???

Most common definition says it is defined as the process in which recruiters source for candidates via social mediums.

Still, what does that mean?!

To Recruiters, “social recruiting” means:

  • … that we can connect with top talent faster and better than ever before
  • … that we can build relationships with that talent for current or future hiring needs
  • … that “we” (recruiter and/or company) have a real voice
  • … that we can learn more about a candidate than what is portrayed on their resume
  • … that we can network faster and better than ever before
To Candidates, “social recruiting” means:
  • … that you can make yourself “findable” across social mediums
  • … that you can give yourself a human voice
  • … that you can tell your story, instead of the recruiter assuming what your story actually is
  • … that you can engage with employees and recruiters at the company you are interested in
  • … that you can provide (your) industry specific knowledge to those seeking it – be a subject matter expert (SME)
There are so many avenues that we engage with candidates.  To name a few (not an extensive list), the most popular are: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus. 
If you were to ask me how to start engaging in this new way of recruiting, I would tell you to network!  Go find recruiters from XYZ company on LinkedIn.  Connect with them, and engage with them.  Find the Facebook Page of XYZ company and engage with them – ask them questions, provide input on topics.  Start a Twitter account.  Post commentary on your industry, become a SME in it, provide your opinions on topics that are important to your industry, and don’t forget to #hashtag.  
The best piece of advice I got when I asked about creating my “social profile” is to give myself a face.  If you look at my LinkedIn, Twitter and my blog, all my pictures are the same.  It makes me easily recognizable to those seeking me out.  
Good luck!  And as always, I’m all ears!

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