About Lianne

I was born and raised in San Francisco, CA and went to college at the University of California, Davis.  I started out my college career studying health sciences, but it failed to intrigue me.  I ended up majoring in Communications, which helped me realize the value of commitment, hard work, and networking.  I would eventually take these skills into the workforce.

My journey to the Corporate Recruiting world started in 2004. I was finishing school & doing an internship with a private wealth management company in their sales department. They brought me on full time once I graduated, and I went into a sales role. Cold calling. Appointment setting. Tracking the money I was bringing into the firm. I was better at sales than I ever thought I could be, especially in an industry I knew nothing about.

I made a lot of money. But I wasn’t happy. What was missing?

In sales, it’s very much about “how can you help ME?” When, in turn, I really wanted to help THEM. I wanted to provide them with their best options – whether or not it was truly with our firm. I started thinking about a way to combine something I was good at (sales) with something that would make me feel good about what I was doing for a living.

After a couple of years in sales, I was approached for an internal position as a Corporate Recruiter, and I jumped at the opportunity. What better way to fill that void I felt! Selfishly, I made the move for myself.

In the end, that decision to move out of sales, away from the big income, the glorious “President’s Club” trips, and the pretentiousness of being “the best” has left me feeling extremely fulfilled in my career.

I want to live, breathe, and BE the culture I am promoting and supporting.

I love what I do. I love the feedback I get from managers when I find their perfect candidate. I love the emails I get from candidates saying they had the best candidate experience and “THANK YOU for helping me.”

I am a matchmaker. I am the one who walks away with a sly smile knowing that all is right in the world for *this* exact moment.




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